You care about the environment. You feel a responsibility of stewardship for the Earth and all its inhabitants. You want to take that next step that brings more of your needs under your direct control, while easing the burden on the planet. We can help with that next step.

Edible Earthscapes is a locally owned permaculture design and installation business based in southern Alberta. In addition to working with clients on their homes and properties, we also strive to educate and share our knowledge of permaculture with our community and beyond.

One of the first questions we receive from potential clients is “what is permaculture?” It’s a system of patterns and tools to create homes and communities that can sustain themselves in the long term. We’re all starting to see and feel the effects of a culture that’s grown out of control, degrading the environment and harming ourselves in the process.

Permaculture takes the best from current technologies and knowledge and combines it with the ethics and wisdom of past cultures who understood the necessity of caring for the planet. This new paradigm of thought allows us to create stable, regenerative habitats to be enjoyed by generations to come. Permaculture provides practical and realistic responses to the issues we face while enriching both our communities and our environment.

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